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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hail Thor!

We're having a big thunderstorm. This is a summerlike violent one. I'm watching the hail, about 1/2 inch-sized, bounce off everything. Lightning appears like old flashbulbs, the kind that blew up. The thunder claps are sharp and loud and echo around the hills. Love this stuff...and it's cooling off. Aaaah. Thanks Thor. ;)

Inevitably, there go emergency vehicle sirens. Hope nothing major has happened.


Rory Grant said...

How odd that we notice the same things...whenever it thunders here I say to the kids, now listen for the hail, then the sirens. I used to tell them cop cars and ambulances came down on lightning and used that as proof...

Austan said...

That is a bit odd. And I had to laugh- those kinds of things are what my Dad told me. He was a writer, too. Sweet.