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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Free Yuks

We need more laughter. The world is too much with us all the time now and unless you never read news and never email or talk to anybody you've got serious shit on your head. But there is help. Here then, are some breaks from reality in the form of very funny people.

This is for Adults Only, or for those over 18, anyway.

Dylan Moran, "What It Is" tour:

Alan Davies, "Urban Trauma" tour:

Robin Williams, "Weapons of Self Destruction" (he donated the proceeds to NZ earthquake victims):

Bill Hicks, "Sane Man":

Margaret Cho, "I'm the One That I Want":

French & Saunders"Nuns in Rome" skit:

Jo Brand Live at the Apollo:

"Women of the Night no. 4":


Wayne K said...


Austan said...

I miss you Wayneo! Happy 4th!

Lisa said...

Not a video, but a good laugh...

A certain sister-in-law that I've never met, just pulled a great and classic prank on the brother-in-law I've never met...

And posted it on FaceBook.

"I put those snapper firework things under the toilet between the toilet seat so that when he sat down, there were sparks and snaps! That's my way of showing I'm proud to be an American!"

Austan said...

Our family makes me chest swell with pride. ;)