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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Writer's Block

Never had it before, don't want it again. This is stumpingly miserable. Normally I can spill things out sitting here. Just noticed it took 8 minutes to write those 3 sentences. In all these years I've never hit it before but suddenly I see what the deal is. Every friggin word is a hurdle, completing a sentence takes forever and it's all questionable in my head. It's even tough to explain. Words just don't come; it's a big effort to string them together. It's like the well is dry. It's different from when the muse isn't around. It's a strange mix of anxiety and blankness. Don't know what to do, or if there's anything to be done. Maybe it just passes.

Well, it's taken nearly a half-hour to say the above. I give up. Christ I hope this goes away.


Rory Grant said...

Think of it as a dramatic pause, an interlude - the calm before the storm. Something is brewing within you and it aint Camomile tea.

Then unleash it in all it's vigour.

It's in there - you know it is - it will come out.

Austan said...

Oh, I hope you're right, Rory. It's been several nights of wild and vivid dreams, so perhaps something really is brewing...

I never thought I'd be unable to write. Cripes it's miserable!

Thanks, as always, for your positive bucking up. ;)