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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Head Like a Hole

Any time I think I've got it all figured out I'm lying to myself. Cuz somebody can randomly get in my head and completely black hole everything out. Sometimes that's fine; indeed, sometimes that's just what my head needed, a good vacuuming. And sometimes it's really annoying. Like now.

It's easy to say, "Just don't think about it." But not so easy to maintain. Ever heard the "Don't think about an elephant" deal? Someone says to you, "Today, don't think about an elephant," and damned if throughout the day, elephants don't keep popping into your mind. It's a natural function, like matrixing. And whether you have good mind control or not, it'll happen. Try to get back to where your head was before something came along and blew it all away. You can't undo what's done, you just can't. It's like putting salt in stew, you can't get it out once it's in. But unlike stew it doesn't work to put more stuff in until it's diluted, you just get farther away from what it was you had to begin with.

This is a vague post, cuz I don't want to get into particulars. I'm just hoping that spewing a bit will get it outta my mind enough so I can get back to what I was really thinking about before my head was blackholed.

Damn you, Sarah Palin.


Rory Grant said...

You've been mentally rickrolled. Hell this is serious if indeed it is Sarah Palin - I know of no known cure - I'm afraid it's chronic.

Thinking of you.


Austan said...

Thank Gods, she's the effect, not the cause.

I've never had writer's block before, never thought it really existed, but it really does and it reeeeaaaaaally sucks.