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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Love to Clarence Clemons

News comes of Clarence Clemons having had a pretty severe stroke on the 12th. The sax legend has since had 2 brain surgeries and is in stable condition.

Lady Gaga encouraged fans to send in Get Well Clarence vids, and they have responded as only Little Monsters do. She posted a 13- minute result from their clips and it's the biggest, sweetest lovefest for the biggest sweetest man:

Heal up quick, Big Man, we all love you.


Rory Grant said...

Oh no, I had no idea. The E Street Band quite simply couldn't have become what they became without Clarence. I remember he was the first 'non vocal' musician who, when I heard him play, had me thinking - 'I gotta find out who the hell that is'.

Nobody inspired me with music quite the way the young Springsteen and his 'rock opera's' did (because that's what they were) - and Clarence was integral to that.

Let's hope the Big Man rallies.

Rory Grant said...

Sadly, I've just seen a newsflash from Reuters - Clarence passed away due to 'complications' resulting from his stroke. A legend in his lifetime I'm sure even in his passing he'll remain a legend.

Austan said...

Oh god. What awful news. What a loss to music and joy in general. Dammit. Thanks for letting me know. We'll miss him.