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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Men of Letters...well, books, really...

It's my honor and pleasure to tally up my friends (men, at the moment) who are becoming bona fide authors in the published world.

Wayne Kernochan has had a hell of a life. Quite llterally. From a horrific reform school thru drug addiction, prostitution, crime and recovery, he's seen more bizarrity than most everyone I've ever known. Now he's written it all down. He's got a 3- ebook deal and one in print. See his work, buy his book.

Michael Lloyd is putting the final touches on his soon-to-be published massive biography of Eddie Buczynski, Bull of Heaven. Eddie was a driving force in the burgeoning Witchcraft community of the 70s. He founded the Minoan and Welsh Traditions in the U.S. yet remained a virtual unknown in his lifetime. Michael has given eight years of his life to this project, researching and uncovering all the threads that wove Eddie's life and eventual death. I'm proud to say I got to help a little in his project. ;) When there's a publish date set I'll be on here with it in a hot second. This book will be big.

Rory Grant is a new friend, and an old soul. His book, For Auld Lang Syne, Letters From Scotland, has just been made available on Kindle and the tangible book will be out soon. Rory's a fabulous writer and I can't wait to read it when it hits Amazon. Here's his announcement:

There is one more, but I haven't the publish date details yet and it's been a complicated procedure in getting this book to light. When I have a go-ahead I'll fill in more. But it's a bomb that could potentially cause a huge conflagration in religious circles.

I can't even say how proud I am to know these gents and how tickled I am that they've made it. Congratulations, guys. You rock.


Rory Grant said...

Awww thank you ever so much. Gosh I'm really taken aback by people's generosity of spirit. It's been quite an overwhelming day.

And no, seriously, it's you that rocks!


Austan said...

I'll admit to rocking when my book's done. :) Meanwhile, you just revel in your well-deserved outpouring of yippyness! And get cracking on book two...