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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Of Course You Realize This Means War"

Strider sent me a printout of Bugs & Homer in a boxing ring (which Stevil had sent me) and that's the caption underneath. Many toon characters avidly look on. That's what it's like right now in my charming new home.

Following the meeting with management, the bitty next door was quiet for 5 days, though yelling a lot inside her apartment. Then she went back to all she'd been doing, including putting a cross back up in "our" hallway. The mgr. asked me to let her know what was up come June and I just did. Now I'm going to meet with the "resident services coordinator" who will then meet with the bitty. This whole deal has my Brooklyn up and I'm fighting the urges to be a Real Class A Asshole. Of which I'm fully capable.

The last straw was having a nightmare (!) about her and a battalion of the other Weird Sisters she gossips with taking over my home. I haven't had a nightmare in so long I can't remember. But if it's worked its way into my subconscious to that point something has to be done. I've tried. Changed my waking hours, lived in headphones, did everything I could. No more. This means war.

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