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Friday, June 3, 2011

On Tenterhooks

Today is about living on edge. My nephew is having major surgery, a job that will take 3 OR hours and a lot of prayers to the god/desses as we wait. When it's over he'll have his life and ability to eat back again. It won't be an immediate recovery; there are steps to it. But soon he'll be better than he has been in years and feasting at The Outback.

In comparison, my nerves over the sandwich competition are nothing.

We aren't a hugely expressive family. I guess that comes from our upbringing. My brother takes stress in silence. I write, but don't talk much about it. We've also been through many deaths, which I think has made us even more reserved. If that's possible.

So I won't be blogging til it's all over. Hopefully that will be with good news.

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