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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Mind Boggles

Things are very bad when the forerunners for the Repos are people like Palin, Romney and Bachmann. What happened to good Republicans? There were a lot, once upon a time. Nowadays you never see that kind- the educated, fully literate, reasoned ones.

My Uncle Bert used to talk to Barry Goldwater on his ham radio. Senator Goldwater (and Uncle Bert) were seasoned Republicans of the old order. People who fact-checked, actually showing intelligence and interest, not just faces solely in quest of power:

Or looking to further the corporatizing of the US:

Or trying to be movie stars:

It's so sad to see the GOP turn into a circus of egomaniacal clowns with nothing to back them up. Uncle Bert would be so disappointed.


Rory Grant said...

You know - If I were an American I'd be a Democrat. In Britain I'm a Scottish Nationalist committed to Socialist principles and social justice. But for all that I adopt a stance to the left of the political spectrum I recognise and respect the political philosophy which underpins 'Conservative/Republican ideology' - I really do respect it - but I have nothing but contempt for today's Republican's because they have sold that philosophy and adopted instead - cheap mantras which are shallower than a Las Vegas grave.

Like you say - where are those intellectual Republicans who are aware of the philosophy they represent? Where are the Republicans who could marry free market principles and social justice? I admit that even if they emerged I still wouldn't vote for them - but I'd be delighted to see them emerge as they force me to examine, explore and refine my own thoughts.

I really miss them.


Austan said...

I'm registered as a Progressive. When I lived in NYC I was a Dem, but I've become disillusioned with the Dems, who seem to be Republicans in different suits. Dems wear Armani, Repos wear Brooks Brothers or Savile Row.

The two party domination in US politics sucks. They've both become money-controlled; Obama was well underwritten by just as many awful corporations as the Repos. The only reason I voted for him was because McCain and Palin truly terrified me.

We are in deep shit in this country.

Geo. said...

Conservatives have indeed become unreasonable. I think we saw this coming some years ago when old guard republican pundit, Wm. F. Buckley, opined that W. Bush's legacy would be "indecipherable". What happened afterward is what one may expect when Republicans miss rabies vaccinations.

Austan said...

Haha! Thanks Geo. Ya gotta laugh. It's too stunning.