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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Apres Le Deluge 2012 Version

Well it's a very nice day weather-wise in Bratt. The storm's blown over for the most part and it's windy and bright. There are lots of people sans power because of downed trees but that's being worked on and it looks like we've gotten through another storm, this time pretty unscathed. We'll probably get some rain off and on, but nothing out of the ordinary for plain old rainy weather.

However, all my New Jerseyans are missing in action. I still haven't heard from Kick and co. and now my brother is AWOL too. Strider said there were airlift rescues far inland from where they all live. There are news reports of people still being airlifted there. And some deaths even. Millions of people have no power. The footage is varied, from the 2-feet of sand washed into towns burying parking meters and cars in Jersey and Long Island to receding water draining off downtown NYC. Last night there was 13 feet of water in lower Manhattan at high tide. Everything but the Stock Exchange was under water (curious, that). The subways are still full. It'll be weeks before things are back to normal. Hard to imagine.

West Virginia has a mini-blizzard going on, still. Maryland had a lot of flooding, but they've built-in flood mitigation and it seems their problem was more the wind damage...

Looking out my front window, you'd never know anything happened.


Lisa said...

The wind has died down some here in Indiana and the rain has let up. They're reporting that we may get a tiny little bit of non-sticking snow tonight. Sandy is one hell of a bitch. Blessings are with everyone!

Austan said...

Niecely- I've still heard nothing from anyone, no Billy, no Kick, no Kenneth and Dawn, not even Kathleen and Francis on Staten Is. All phones are out. Just wait to hear from someone is all there is to do, I guess.

The Elephant's Child said...

I still have everything crossed for you and yours. And indeed for everyone who has been hit by Sandy. And because I am a tree hugging leftie, I am particularly concerned for homeless people.