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Monday, October 29, 2012

Live from New Jersey Shore

Kick (aka Kathie of Chaney's Cherubs and Confections) has elected to stay in her home with hubby Scott and my godson Patrick. As she can, she sends photos and video of Sandy creeping up the coast. Here's this morning's situation, from a now-nonexistent beach.

ETA: footage, 3 hours later, showing the same walkway she'd been standing on in the first vid

I've emailed her but no responses. They may have lost power by now.

ETA: Just got an email: 3:50
"We re good  not takin on water yet. No power ; using Patrick s  cell!  Winds r picking up now."
and another:
"Trees down everywhere.  Waves slamming now. Sea wall holding. All the sailboats r gone down to Davie s locker "
ETA 5:50
"Still holding  Cant c the hook.  Still not a lot of rain. U can feel the pressure in ur head. Ears popping
Were such Weenies we put the  car in the garage.  Lost the automatic opener long ago. Didn't even think that once the power went out . Its in there for good.  Scott is looking for an emergency release in the dark. Lol gotta keep the. Boys busy somehow  love u"

<ed comment: Leave it to Kick to turn it into an "I Love:Lucy" episode.>

ETA: 7:02
"Holy crap it's dark here. I think it's gonna pass tho still not much rain
Cannot c ne thing we'll c how high tide goes

ETA: 7:45
"All the roads r closed
Only emergency vehicles r allowed "

ETA: 7:56
"Cant c ne thing except the next doors house lit up like pen station flood lights n all. Built his house right on top of us last year.......We have a cake i baked gonna put it in the middle of his driveway..
the other neighbors just had a wedding two days ago.  Want to take a picture of that"

ETA 9:03 things are getting hairy...
"10 foot waves @ least!!!  Holy shit not touching r home.... " which I advised her to get the boat and go inland.


Anonymous said...

That looks nasty.

Austan said...

Yeah, she watched 2 sailboats go under. There's normally a beach and marina there.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I think they are in a dangerous area and should have evacuated. This is a very, very powerful storm and being by the water is not a place to be now.

I hope they can stay safe.

Austan said...

Arleen, if anyone can make it thrugh this and be just fine it's those three. They're Irish redheads. Just like Vikings(!). If there's no danger it's no fun.

The Elephant's Child said...

Aaaargh. Scary times. Everything still crossed. (I may freeze this way like the ugly faces my mother warned me about.)

Austan said...

EC- your crossing certainly helped here! Get your circulation back now! :)