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Sunday, October 28, 2012

It Smells Like Sleet

That distinctive icy edge that settles in one's sinuses is in the air. I don't know what that will mean. It's so quiet. Beest-o doesn't seem to care about anything, as usual. If animals do sense disaster, there's no disaster coming.

School's been cancelled for tomorrow and probably will be for Tuesday. Events are being postponed. Blahblahblah... you know. Time drags when you're waiting.

So here's a few things to read and think about

Every move you make...

A Cambrian moment?

Oh sure, let's polish the planet off altogether

Compounding Pharmacies"

I like a firm handshake!

Think, Jane, think!

Pay what you want?

More real news about fake sweeteners

So what about big belly laughs?


Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

School cancelled?

Lucky buggers.

Anonymous said...

The dire warnings seem to be getting downgraded a bit around here...hope they're right. Still, we're prepared anyway....just in case. Nothing like a North American potential disaster to bring folks together. In a few months we can all say "remember when?".

Austan said...

TSB- Parents are already complaining. ;)

Austan said...

Lawless- and let's all hope we're saying it from our same homes, computers and furnishings.

The Elephant's Child said...

I am really, really hoping that the forecasters are as wrong as they so often are. And, in the meantime, am stillcrossing everything.