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Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's Weird, and What the Hell?

Blogger has erased my views. None of you have ever been here before or read anything I've ever posted. Even I have never been here before. I am, right now, the first viewer of this blog.

Whatever. Who cares.

I've been completely neglectful in posting news of any kind. And so, in a willy-nilly fashion, here are some things going on.

Why two parties are not company and three is not a crowd

The Lucasmobile? Model THX1138?

Use the Tricorder, Bones

It's the voices of the nuns...

I'm not being a spaceshot, I'm being ultra-intelligent

Just sickening

This is news? The nuns were right, again!

I've got a weird feeling about this
How do I love Bernie? Lemme count the ways

And complementary to the above story

If you're looking for Halloween tv programs in the states

Now that's all done, tomorrow starts the observation of my favorite time of the year...Halloween. Yes, there will be much Halloween coverage this year, whether anyone reads it or not. :)


Geo. said...

As a first-time viewer of both your site and my own site too, let me extend my compliments. I look forward to reading what both of us have written over the years. Don't you?

Austan said...

Geo.- Well, wherever they went, they came back. So we may resume our regular viewing positions. That was a fun little alternate reality. It's like hearing someone's alive when you could've sworn they'd died. Larry Hagman. I was sure he'd died of cancer years ago. He's back on tv. Go figure.

Geo. said...

I figure since my stats returned but I can't recall who originally shot J.R. that Blogger's temporary amnesia has now lodged in my brain.

The Elephant's Child said...

Bless Blogger's black heart it did that to me today as well. And told me I wasn't following any blogs either. When they came back a couple of extras seem to have hitched along for the ride. Very weird indeed. And one of the new blogs is interesting and the other? Well not my eclectic style.