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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's Like Olden Days. But Worse.

Power and phones are out in the NY-NJ area. We who are on the outside are still in 2012, but they're back in time. It could be a couple days before we hear anything of their existence. That part is like the olden days. All we can do is worry until we get word.

Except back then the news was important and so they reported it straight up and you knew what you came to learn from it. Today the news media stinks, as if it were produced by a bunch of 8th graders, or the forebears of "Idiocracy". A string of cherrypicked stories, no overall real news with facts and numbers. Lots of commentary about feelings, no information on who was taken where or how to find anyone missing.

I've checked the Red Cross Register several times. But that's dependent on someone being able to get online to register. If for any reason one can't get online, they aren't there. You can't get any line in. No matter where or who you call, New Jersey is uncallable.

There really is nothing to be done. And so my stomach roils, and I hang here, hoping for an email. Or trawl youtube to find video of Matawan or Atlantic Highlands NJ. 


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that everyone in New Jersey is just as upset and frustrated about not being able to call out as you are about not being able to call in. Try to keep calm. Easier said than done I know. Prayers and good thoughts still going out from here.

The Elephant's Child said...

And, as you know, tightly crossed everything from here as well. A really, really tense and awful time for you. I am so sorry.

Lisa said...

Just thought of this! I should have Derek hook up the radio and try to call out that way. That's what amateur radios are for! DOH!!!! I'd do it, but my license doesn't cover it. I'll talk to him at lunch about trying it tonight.