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Monday, October 29, 2012

Outsized and Inappropriate Happiness

I don't know what snapped in me but ducking this last bullet has turned me into a regular Mary Sunshine. The wind's picking up here, the rain falls for a while and then stops. I love this weather. You're close to a miniscus that broken would be troubles but you don't have the problems and get to see beauty.

Tonight I'll wrap myself in a blanket, go out in the weather and look up at the sky, stand in the wind, offer thanks for the break to whomever was waiting for them.

Last night I saw a vid that Tego (Theresa Maggio, Bratt photog) shot of some woodland waterways in June. Exquisite. Just friggin exquisite

Captain Beefheart/ "Moonlight in Vermont"

And in the spirit of Halloween, Eddie Money and Lita Ford make dinner and then sing on "Rock Star Dinner"


Anonymous said...

I think you spell that outsized happiness RELIEF. I'm so friggin' glad you didn't have to be evacuated. Once was enough.

Austan said...

I guess you're right! When that boulder on yr shoulder rolls off you feel very light indeed!
And I never want to go thru that again!

Munir said...

I hope that you are not one of the sixty million people who are effected by the storm.

The Elephant's Child said...

Happiness, relief, downright ecstacy - who cares what it is called, just roll in it.
That video of the Vermont waterways was particularly beautiful because it doesn't feature people. I get quite hissy when beautiful spots in the globe supposedly need beautiful people to 'sell them'.
Stay warm, stay safe, stay dry...

Austan said...

Munir- this time we were bulletproof. :)
Not so for many, many others.

Austan said...

EC- isn't that just gorgeous? I hate those vids of people frolicking in nature. Just the nature on its own, thank you. I've seen enough of people. Never enough of nature.