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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Too Much Coffee!!!?

I'm turning out thing after thing today. Must be the caffeine. The jambalaya's cooked and put together for tomorrow, I just started Thursday's soup, next is dyeing the grey hair (it's getting sooooo grey!) and doing those girly chores that annoy me. Then getting to bed at a decent hour so I'm ready for the radio show scramble in the morning. I'll make tomato gravy for Friday's lasagna tomorrow night, and that'll mean enough leftovers in the fridge for Boomer Saturday. Then Wendy and her honey will be here for Sunday dinner and I'll sleep all day Monday. Woohoo!

Heading into 8 weeks of not smoking. I haven't reined in the eating yet, so this is the last week of foodfest. Then it's a serious asskicking on myself to drop what I've gained in the last weeks. And yes, I feel it, I gained it, I don't like it. Smoking crosses my mind now and then but not to a distraction. So, time to kick the food. I've been very self-indulgent and concerned with "what I like" instead of my health during the quitting. It quickly got out of hand with french fries and soda and snacks. No no no. Which is why I'm cramming cooking for everyone into this week; the regular menu around here's gonna suck in comparison starting next week and until Thanksgiving.

And I'm contemplating Thanksgiving. Will I make pate a choux and do cream puffs? Filo dough and make struedel? Just plain old pies? I have such little space here, and no place to cool things properly. I don't want soggy bottoms. Who wants soggy bottoms?

Well, while I've still got steam off I go.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing worse than a soggy bottom lol.

klahanie said...

Hey Laura,

I shall discreetly mention a congratulations of the upcoming eighth week anniversary of not smoking. Hopefully, you can maintain, healthy positive distractions that will keep you focused on your well being.

Thanksgiving? Thought that was on October 8 :) Oh, of course, you guys have one also.

And without a soggy bottom, time for a coffee!

Keep going and all the best.


MoonRaven said...

Wow you've gotten busy! And congrats on reaching week eight! (Waiting until now to rein in the eating sounds very smart--and also smart to start to cut back now.)

Are you involved with the big Bratt thanksgiving? (I'm missing many chapters here due to traveling, so forgive me if you've been talking about that.)

Good luck with it all!

Austan said...

Lawless- hahahahah! Agreed!

Austan said...

Gary- Thanks, I shall persevere! It's gotten quite easy. Add the fact that I enjoy my neighbor continuing to dramatically hack outside my door every morning. It kinda bolsters my will to laugh at her act.

Don't let that coffee lead to a soggy bottom! :D
Hugs (and I'll email when your coffee is in the mail- soon!),

Austan said...

Moony! So good to hear from you while you're on your quest! Thanks!
I'm cooking Thanksgiving at home- where will you be? You're always welcome up here of course- I don't know where on Earth you are?!
You take care,

MoonRaven said...

Thanks. I'm actually back in the Boston area for the next couple of weeks--though I just published a post for tomorrow that I wrote in Oakland, CA. And I will be doing Thanksgiving at Twin Oaks in VA. Believe me, I barely know where I am these days. But I remember my Bratt days fondly and hope to make it back up one of these years (maybe in 2013?). Believe me, if I'm ever in the area I'll look you up.

The Elephant's Child said...

I am coming to the end of a very ordinary day. I am not sure whether to applaud your industry and resolve or burst into tears and velcro myself under the bed. I think I am going for applause and velcro.

Austan said...

EC- Well, one from each column generally works. I hope you're feeling better about it all today, dear. Get rest, you have planting to do.