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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Leaves? The Whole Tree's Gone!

Today the tree service peep came and took down the trees that were killed by the flood. Who knows why those 3 bit it and the others are fine, but the team made short efficient work of them. A giant crane thingie held the trees up while the workers cut the trunk, then laid it down in the street where they chainsawed them into bits and fed them into the chipper.

I already miss the red maple across the way. It was like a friend. Ah well. Valar morghulis.

Tomorrow afternoon will be pins n needles time, as Strider goes for the results of her CT scan. I didn't post anything before but an ultrasound she had revealed nodules on her liver. She had a CT scan yesterday and tomorrow she'll get the results. I wouldn't mind if you could spare a good thought for her. She probably won't be thrilled I've shared this on a blog but that's what we bloggers do, tell each other what's up. And that's the most important thing going on by far.

It's very much Autumn here, though The Shire isn't getting much in the way of colour from it. It's one of those Falls where the leaves just go anemic and drop off. But you can always find some lovely shots online, and when they're set to music, even better.


Anonymous said...

I'm sending good positive vibrations of healing energy her way...but don't tell her...just in case she doesn't like it lol. Moms have got to be sneaky.

Allyson said...

more sneaky you mean... ;)

thanks sweetie. i can always use good vibes.

Austan said...

Well, I never was good at sneaky.
I'm too Taurus-Sagittarius for that. :)
I love you, Ally. Good luck tomorrow!!! Will be waiting by phone/computer like dog at door. xxx

klahanie said...

Hi Laura,
I guess I should um leaf a comment.
I find it sad when a tree has to be removed. Did I ever mention I knew somebody who worked at an office of the 'Tree Surgeons Union'? I asked them, 'what branch?' :)
On a serious note, a positive thought for your friend. You are right, that's what makes the blogging community so special.
Enjoy the resplendent colours of fall.
In peace, Gary

Austan said...

Gary- I'm going out on a limb here and getting to the root of all this sophis-tree.
And thanks for the positive for Strider (she's more than a friend, she's my daughter). :) I'm grateful for our blogging bunch.
Keep on keepin' on,

The Elephant's Child said...

So many good wishes are heading through the ether for you and Strider both. It must be such a worrying time for both of you.
Did you have a drought this season? That has often caused our trees to get a bit lazy with the autumnal display. Here we are theoretically in Spring. It is cold and wet and I would not be surprised if we get some (non-sticking) white stuff.
Good wishes again.

Austan said...

EC- Thank you, girl. I'm sure we'll storm thru this like we have everything else. Strider is a Woman of Steel.
We had weird weather this Summer. It was dry dry dry and then unrelentingly wet and then dry again. Whatever it did, the trees here aren't impressed. And the news said we'll have a frost tomorrow night, so the tomatoes all have to be picked and brought in. It's seriously Autumn.
Stay warm! Summer is coming! ;)

Geo. said...

Best wishes for good news tomorrow.

sdt (a.k.a. stevil) said...

Re: frost - those frost reports are often geared to the hills areas where the frost will hit first. It usually takes a couple more weeks to hit town. Instead of picking, you could cover the tomato plants with a light blanket and get by.

Austan said...

Thanks Geo. Today's the day...

Austan said...

Stevil- there was frost on the ground in The Shire this morning. All the tomatoes are getting picked today. I can't be bothered screwing around.