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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Real Horrors

Amid the happy hooha about holidays and celebrations and the fearmongering over next week's storm, a couple of real and grave issues have crossed my eyes.

While meandering around the intertube sites I haunt I came across this guy's website and this posting that so touched me that I have to share it:
I hope people pay attention to what he says.

And this, too, caught my attention. Though I don't know how much we can do about it. But it's not only in Britain that things are this way. I've seen plenty of it. People don't talk about it much, and the unfortunates who must depend are expected to be grateful for anything they get and not complain.

I think the number of us who weren't bullied is about the same as those who won't need some form of home healthcare as we age. The majority were and will. These horrors need to be stopped.


Anonymous said...

The young lady in Vancouver who took her own life was subjected to cyber bullying...yes...and also physcial and verbal bullying. These bullies were not hiding behind anything...they were just viscious mean and evil people who didn't care who knew what they were doing. Indeed, after the girls death they posted facebook messages saying they were glad she was dead, her memorial pages were defaced...there was no regret displayed.

klahanie said...

Hi Laura,

I'm very aware of that tragic first story. Many of my friends in Vancouver contacted me about it. I signed the anti-cyber bullying page that relates to this awful tragedy on a Facebook page.

And the second story encapsulates the ongoing disgrace being further enhanced by our evil government in Britain.

And yes, these inhumanities to mankind, need to be eradicated.

In peace, Gary

Geo. said...

There are many things going on about which we can't, in good conscience, remain morally neutral. Your blog helps me keep current with the sheer volume of them. Thanks, Austan.

The Elephant's Child said...

I knew of Amanda's story. Hearbreaking. The second story also hurt, and badly. What are we coming to, when these things are allowed to not only happen but to continue. And in supposedly 'civilised' countries. Hiss and spit.
Geo. is right - these are precisely the sorts of issues that we are obligated to make a stand on, and to act on where-ever possible.