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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sandy is a Bitch

After bitching to Cam, Plague and Stella, all of whom called me as I was making the to-do list, I calmed down enough to get over myself and get on with it. Evacuation is pretty much inevitable, even if no storm hits us. The gummit will want us out of here even just to prove their point.

Oh, do I want a cigarette. Not a pinch of organic in a pipe, either. I want the full harsh pollution of a Marlboro, saltpeter burning my esophagus, tar and nicotine filling my blood..

I've stuffed the back door. The grand list is going. Things are ready to cook. I've got a plan. It always makes you feel better to have a plan. Saturday, cook and fix the house. Sunday, pack for leaving, make last minute arrangements. Call and wish Beery a Happy Birthday and see if they're still on dry ground. Monday, let everyone know when and where I'm outta here and headed toward. I think I'll stay with Cam, at least until the storm's over.

The weatherbees are riding this story for all it's worth. They just said there'll be 4 feet of snow in the western mountains of VA. Meanwhile, if their radar is accurate, Sandy still hasn't left Florida's eastern coast. Who to even believe anymore?

Well. I'll get back on here, get a bit more of Halloweenie stuff posted, and once I'm traveling incognito I'll post when I can. Life is an adventure, right? That's what they tell me, anyway.


The Elephant's Child said...

Sucky, sucky, sucky. On your behalf I am crossing my legs and falling over. It was precognition which made me fall twice last week, and I am chalking those falls up as points in your favour.

Anonymous said...

Can you take the Beest with you to your friends place?
We have been getting all kinds of advice here on how to ride out this storm. The fear mongers are having a wonderful time.
I'll be thinking about you through this and holding good thoughts. Die Sandy, Die!!!!

Austan said...

EC- Thank you! Every fall counts (though I'm sorry to hear you're falling!) and I added one this morning. The storm is still down south, and now they're saying it will landfall at DC or Maryland and we'll just get a little rain. I really don't want to bug outta here!!!

Austan said...

Lawless- unfortunately no. She has her own. Boy are the fearmongers going to town with this! Batten down the hatches, and good luck to us all.

paulg said...

Boy, I sure hope they aren't going to make you repeat last year's drill. That would really suck (pardon me, I mean - it would stink!).

Austan said...

Paul! Yeah, it would suck. I'm going to a motel and staying if that happens. With the Beest.