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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wallace's Well

Fellow Blogger "The Scottish Scribbler" reports that the well that William Wallace took his last drink from is planned for destruction. This is beyond disgrace and actually makes me stomach-sick. Wallace is practically a saint in my book. Too many people only know the "Braveheart" Wallace, a fiction. The real man was far braver, much smarter and a good deal taller than Hollywood depicted. And the story they wrote may make a good movie but it has no more truth to it than Sarah Palin has intelligence. Even Jane Porter's book The Scottish Kings has more factual history about him, and that's fiction.

How very typical that some simpering politicians would turn their backs on a national historic site that doesn't make them money. For widening a roadway. A fucking road.

This is when I wish I had money...which I would have, had the English courts not ripped off my family for a puppet they declared the inheritor.

God this pisses me off.

Read Rory's account here:

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