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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Being Neglectful

Apologies. I haven't been keeping up as a faithful blogger should. I've been doing other things. When the seafood done me in my habits changed and I ended up reading books. Besides, we're in that point of the Murdoch soap opera where weeks go by without much happening (Heather Mills?) and you can catch up a week later like it was yesterday. Not much new about the killer Breivik, since it's all investigation for now. It's also just good to get a breather.

So I read the whole of the first 2 books in the Song of Ice and Fire series and am a couple hundred pages into The Fry Chronicles. Fabulous reads. GRR Martin has a wickedly Jungian imagination. And Fry is Fry. What more needs to be said? So I fully enjoyed myself while recovering. But WTH it's like I've spun back to being 17. Who knew I'd ever be the weirdo geek bookish girl in the peasant clothes again? I'm wearing beads. I'm making an anklet (talk about slow going jesus christ!). Just bought an OED to reread. In full nerd blowout here. And will probably pick up the whole Tolkien library, followed by Brooks, for the winter. I even ordered 2 dresses. Life's too short. Terrible things are happening. One has to enjoy what one can.

Winter is coming.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Sooner than we expected.

Lisa said...

There HAS to be something wrong in the universe... the cats were sleeping next to each other yesterday. They actually touched each other without fighting!!! And, it lasted for hours.

sdt said...

...and I had another bat flying around my room. Not so strange (in my world, anyway) but "Winter is coming" is exactly the phrase that's been bouncing in my head lately. I saw leaves on a sick tree turning.

Rory Grant said...

I'm addicted to your blog - so when you don't post I do cold turkey.

I haven't ordered any dresses and I don't reckon I will be regardless of how short life is lol.

Summer is coming :)


Lisa said...

There was a bat flying around the SUBway the other day. This SUBway was inside a Wal-mart, so we have no idea of how it got in there! LOL Please let winter (fall, at least) be on the way! Our a/c quit working and we're on day 20 of 90 degree + temps...

Austan said...

Starting- The leaves are starting to turn here.

Lisa and Stevil- cats and bats behaving weirdly...hmmm

Rory- Well same here!

If you ever order a dress I'll take it as one of the seven seals.

Austan said...

And I take it nobody else has read The Game of Thrones. "Winter is coming" is a reference to it. :)