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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not Even a Fable

Granted my mind is a muddle right now. The solace is only in knowing there are some who know the truth. But there are many more who would never want to know and would deny its truth.

I'm scanning my brain for an allegorical tale of what's happened, but there are none forthcoming. Anyone know of a tale where a twisted king appoints a henchman to do his dirty work so he can keep his heroic image and then the henchman is killed and the king gets to play the martyr?

Perhaps I'll have to write that fable myself. I'm still searching for the moral to the story.

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Austan said...

I want to add this perfect summation from one who knows the truth of the matter:

" I will bet everything I own on the fact that * is going to milk this event for all it is worth. He is going to set himself up as some martyred, put-upon, done-no-wrong, innocent bystander. Poor * with blood on his shirt, when it's really on his hands."

That is the reality Those Who Know are trying to stomach. I will never reveal the author of those words but nobody has hit it so dead on.