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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Which is Worse- Hypocrisy or Bastardry?

In the ages-old rhetoric over what's good and what's bad in politics, accusations fly. Take for instance, in the 80s and 90s the  label of "Limousine Liberal", used to decry the lefties who had big bucks. This seems a double hypocrisy to me. Yes, the rich liberal seems hypocritical, and so does the rich conservative decrying him for being rich.

In contrast, what the conservative agenda extols is pride in being a selfish, misanthropic bastard. Because one is upfront about being a bastard, that makes it good? I knew a couple of guys who manipulated that way, saying upfront, "I'm a bastard." Which then gave them free rein to be one. They were, too, but thank gods I had the brains to keep them out of my life. Still, girls flocked to them, under whatever misguided and stupid notions they had.

Being a bastard is still not good, no matter how you dress it up or claim it as what you are. Shame on them.

And to All Politicians; Shut up, create jobs and the economy will recover. Get to fucking work, I'm tired of your mouths flapping and nothing getting done.
Ya wanna keep Capitalism? Fine. Then make it work.
If you've forgotten how it works, here it is, so simple even a moron can understand:
Money in the pocket is food on the table,
Food on the table is cash in the till.
When the till is loaded the merchant is able
To fill up the counters he has to refill.
          Money in the pocket can buy what's required,
          Clothes for the kiddies, a dress for the wife. 
          Money for the doctor, a show when you're tired,
          Is living a normal American life.
From the worker to the merchant
The dollar takes a business trip.
Then off to the farmer to buy new equipment
And back to the worker in a salary slip.
          Everybody prospers, the butcher, the grocer.
          Great is the country and fine is the blend.
          Must there be depression? The answer is "No, sir.
          Money in the pocket is money to spend."

"Money In the Pocket" words and music by Bob Russell and Carl Sigman



klahanie said...

Well said and the evil, immoral Conservative coalition government in Britain allows members of Parliament to fiddle their expense accounts and commit fraud. Where a coalition government, formed by a minority left-leaning party, uniting with a radical right wing Conservative party ,attacks the poor and the vulnerable and turns a blind eye to fat cats who are rewarded for incompetence.
Where the left-leaning party goes against its election promises and decides that tripling tuition fees to go to university, is a good idea, after all. And so you have it. A rich kid still gets further education, whilst the poor talented kid, see a future of despair and disillusionment. Welcome to the world of hypocritical bastards....

Austan said...

Bravo Gary!

annieoatcake said...

Brilliant post, Laura! John Maynard Keynes couldn't have put it better himself :-)

If all of the young unemployed english rioters had had jobs to go to, maybe they would've decided just to stay home and get to bed early because they had work the next day! But that means vast investment in social systems, and I can't see this 'evil, immoral Conservative coalition government' rushing to remedy it any time soon!

Austan said...

They've betrayed us and betrayed the very things they tout. They suck up to the rich and to hell with the rest of us. I'm thinking they should all be tried for treason!

CarrieBoo said...

I have met those "I am a bastard" types. One who actually told me that and yes, enter at your own risk. Talk about superiority... arrogant ^*&^(&*^(!!!

I honestly don't know how we can call ourselves advanced societies if we can't even offer full education and health-care for all. We have no right to be thinking we're better than other countries and people in this world, killing countless innocent civilians - and children - based on this notion.

Wicked post, Laura. So, would you say that bastards ARE hypocritical by nature? As in, a case of "bastard hypocrisy" VS "blind hypocrisy"... ? Do you know and do you care that you are being hypocritical?

Austan said...

Carrie- I think they must not think we're on to them and keep pushing the boundaries to see what they can get away with, like a child. They need a good thrashing from a nun.

annieoatcake said...

'They need a good thrashing from a nun.'

Laura, I'm laughing SO much...

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Which is better,eh? Reminds me of my favorite riddle when I was a kiddie: Which would you rather have chase you, an elephant or a gorilla? The answer? I'd rather have the elephant chase the gorilla.