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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

St. Billy is Coming!

On very short notice, it's been announced that Billy Bragg (yes, That Billy Bragg) will be playing two towns away, on Saturday night. And this is what really makes me happy to my ass- tickets are 10 dollars. 10 little dollars! You can't go to a movie for 10 dollars anymore!

I'm going if I have to gimp to the highway and hitch. This is once in a lifetime, not to mention that sitting around with my fellow Pinkos singing and yelling will do a world of good.

I tell ya, I have a Guardian Angel. Oh- if you're in the area- here's the info:


Rory Grant said...

Woo Hoo - he's one of my favourite observers of society :)


annieoatcake said...

Hey, just what you need right now - a little distraction! Have a great time :-)

Austan said...

Rory- Mine too. I'm so psyched, been waiting half my life to meet the guy and see him live.

Annie- Thanks! I'm sure it'll be wonderful. and yes, just what I need right now.