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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Such is Life

Here it is Saturday morning already. It grew chilly last night, and for the last 2 nights there's been a distinct smell of  Fall. That tang of greenery past its prime in the cool air. The two trees closest to my window have already dropped at least half their leaves. The swamp maples along the brook are thinned out enough to see the sky through them. Seems early for this.

It turns out nobody is driving up to the Billy Bragg concert. Since I don't have a car and public transportation barely exists here, I'll just let it go. Not happily, but oh well.  Still, I'm glad he's here and I hope he opens a lot of minds tonight. Damn I wish I wasn't a gimp. Cam kinda talked me out of trying to hitch with a walker, but the thought's still there... I'll see how I feel around 4, when I'll have to leave if I decide to try it. It's only 15 miles or so.

As my friend at writes, our local "newspaper" is discontinuing free online access, for all intents and purposes. Not that the whole paper, or even most of it, was available to non-subscribers anyway. You can still read it at the library, if you can get there, when it's open, now that the hours have been reduced. I do hope this will make more people contribute to iBratt, so that we who aren't Trustafarians or just plain well off will be informed of what the hell's going on.

The sun is sharply bright today. Good day for haying.

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