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Friday, August 19, 2011

Sugar is Saweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

A couple of months back, Strider put me wise to Dear Sugar. Nobody knows who Sugar is, but it doesn't matter because what s/he does is what's important. Sugar gives advice. Not in the old Agony Aunt way, not like Dear Abby or Heloise or Dr. Ruth. S/he is all those and much more, because she's immensely kind and intractably honest. Here is yesterday's column, advice to a writer:

I sort of hope we'll never know who Sugar is. I'd like to imagine s/he's all of us at our best.


annieoatcake said...

Thank you for that link, Laura. I had stupid tears streaming down my face as I read it - God only knows why!

Austan said...

Ach, Sugar gets me every time. That last column about marriage about dissolved me to a puddle of lacrimoniusness.

CarrieBoo said...

Talk about tugging at the heart strings. *sniffle* and *tingle* Big thanks.