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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One Week! One Week!

Okay, I'm probably a little overexcited about ELP's High Voltage dvd coming out next week. But Hell it's been almost 13 years since they last played together (and a year since this gig) and if peep with cellphones can record things like this:

the pro shot is going to be fab. I don't care if we're all senior citizens and look like shit. I don't care if the many bad physical problems that have plagued them means they can't hit every single note with their old precision. I can't even pee the way I used to- who friggin cares? They are ELP, they are Legends. And the day that dvd lands in my hot little hands nothing else will exist in my world. The boys played together again. That's all that matters. And I can't friggin wait!

Found it! Here's an amazing 13 year old doing the piano part from "Trilogy". 13. It's makes me so happy to know that young genius musicians will go on playing this beautiful eargasmic music:

Trivia note: August 23rd will be the 41st Anniversary of their first show together.


Susan Flett Swiderski said...

eargasmic ... what a perfect word!

CarrieBoo said...

AWEsome!!! The DVD will be superb quality. And the piano makes me drool. I was reading the comments... looks like their music most certainly lives on.

Austan said...

Thanks Susan!

Carrie- There's another teen named Rachel Flowers (lots of YT vids on her) who's incredible and also blind. I have great hope for the future with kids like this around.

Austan said...

P.S. Here's Rachel doing "Tarkus"

You'll have to copy & paste, methinks.

annieoatcake said...

Your excitement makes me smile :-)

Austan said...

Annie- your comments make me smile! :)

Austan said...

From Paul, still uncommentable:
I love Trilogy.
I get into moods where I keep hearing Endless Love - I think - over and over till I play the CD a bunch.
I'll have to come back to this post sometime and follow those links & watch the vids...
Endless Enigma - Part I, is what I meant.

A story (can't help myself, now...):
When my younger brother, Steve and I were in college we'd both be home for summer and both have jobs 10-15 miles away that started at 8 or 8:30 AM and neither with a car. We had to get up v. early and hitch (me) or bike (Steve) to work. One entire summer we woke up to ELP's version of Hoedown. Steve was a student in the electrical engineering prog. at UMASS Amherst. So he had cobbled together a cassette tape player and an alarm clock.
Still remember hearing the click of the alarm clock and the whirring of wheels in the cassette player and knowing that in fractions of a second those strident opening synth chords were going to assault my ears.