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Monday, August 22, 2011

It's Almost Karmic

How freaking long have the regular thinking humans been saying, "Um, we're getting too materialistic..."? At least since 'A Charlie Brown Christmas', in my lifetime.

Now at last, a broker has said it in an analysis:
"We conclude that the rioting reflects a deeply flawed economic and social ethos… recklessly borrowed consumption, the breakdown both of top-end accountability and of trust in institutions, and severe failings by governments over more than two decades." he says.

Maybe, now that somebody in the money business says it, just maybe, perhaps, possibly the mucketys will hear it. That only took 45 years to get attention. But better late than never.

Now, will it make a lasting impression and will anything be changed? A lot of these current politicians ran on a touted "morality and values" agenda. I hope that comes back to bite them severely in what ever body parts will hurt the most.

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Geo. said...

Brava! Glad to see somebody pointing fingers in all the right directions. Best defense against economic collapse and corruption has always been responsible consumerism, enlightened materialism. Best expression of these virtues I've found is Roger Miller's song, "My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died". It's on Youtube. Played it for Daughter and she exclaimed,"Oh my God! Who WAS that guy?"