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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Well, Shucks...

Rory at The Scottish Scribbler has said some really sweet things about this blog and now has gifted me with the Liebster Blog Award.

I'm honored and humbled. Thank you Rory. You were already among my favorite people.

With this award comes the part of honoring 3 other blogs with less than 300 followers whom I think are pretty damned nifty. It was not an easy thing to do, and it's put a resolve in me to promote other bloggers more. But I have to pick 3 for now. And so...(drumroll)...

MoonRaven's Social Alchemy  Moony has been blogging about sustainability, living together and combatting societal issues through knowledge and cooperation. He is one of the Earth's most gentle people.

Auto De Fey  sdt goes all over the place, from the political to the metaphysical to the musicals. He's also an old friend of mine.

Wayne ing Moments  Wayne K has done It All. He has 2 published books and a 3rd in the wings. I met him at the Magickal Childe in 1991. He's got a very good life story and a very big heart.

I hope they will also praise 3 other bloggers in turn. Give their blogs a look-see. We have some amazing writers on Blogger. And thanks again, Rory.


MoonRaven said...

Just saw this. (I haven't been in the blogosphere much lately.)

Thank you so much. I am honored.

(Now I have to think of three blogs to pass this honor onto.)

Austan said...

You're very welcome Moony, and so deserve it! Hope all's well.