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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What To Do?

Nancy Pelosi called the debt deal, "A sugar-coated Satan sandwich with Satan fries on the side."- and yet she voted for it.

Obama made a video after the Sunday talks looking very relaxed and happy.

And We The People don't even know what's in the deal.

Not to mention that it's all gotta be re-sorted out in the fall, after Congress gets their 5-week vacation. Here's a look at the situation:

Now what to do? The Courage Campaign has begun organizing people to end the Teabaggers' reign. From an email:
"The so-called debt limit "deal" that just passed Congress should never have gotten as far as it did. We can't let this continue.

"The Republicans "governing" us actually hate government. They show no respect for a nation that was built on caring for the least among us and offering equal opportunity to all. They show no reverence for the American Dream. If they have their way, the entire government will be privatized, so only the rich gain. And right now they're winning.

"You love America and so do I. I just joined Courage Campaign's movement to End the Madness and win back the nation of our dreams in 2012.

"Can you join it too?
We have to start fighting back somewhere. I'm in.

A P.S.- I just checked if my Representative supports tax fairness, and the answer was pretty surprising. Can you check too, and tell YOUR member of Congress to get on board before it’s too late?

This website makes it simple:


Geo. said...

Re: "I'm in."

I hope we are, all of us, in. Consider Galatians 6:2 : Carry one another's burdens. I'm not even a Christian but I'm in on that.

Austan said...

I'm not a Christian either, but I still go by, "That which you do to the least of my brethren you do also to me."