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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Remembering HP Lovecraft

For this post only, I've broken my no photos/embeds/things that will make it rotten for dial-up people rule.
The above photo was taken not far from where I sit now, at the old Goodenough house, in 1927. HP's in the middle, Arthur Goodenough on the left and W.Paul Cook on the right, two local families still here.

Today HP would have turned 121.

Though he died much too early in 1937, HP left a mark, a call, a shadow and many monsters. His creations live on...blip...blip...


Lisa said...

and..... your Great-Niece is throwing a birthday party for him next year. She wants a portrait tattoo of him, as well. She's been quoting him all weekend.

Austan said...

Our family rocks! I just love who she's growing into! :)