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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Coffee and Donuts at Midnight

No sleeping, again. Which made me think of college days and staying up all night, dragging your ass through the day and going to bed at 9 the next night to reset yourself. Lots of coffee when the Sunrises were done, lots of donuts.

I'm remiss on updating what's been up for the last couple of days. So, slump your shoulders, get a cuppa and put that resigned yet pissy look on your face.

Breivik the maniac was taken back to Utoya and showed police and authorities how he killed everyone.

The riots died down and everyone's pissed off in Britain. But there's sweetness too:
And police went into arrested people's phones.

The US economy still sucks, and the Repos are on parade with their assorted nuts itching for attention.

NoW and NIG seem an unending font of lies and coverups. It's an ex-royal editor telling the truth this week. A letter he wrote in March of 2007 is scathingly damning:
We don't need the redacting removed, we can fill in the blanks by now. Junior Murdoch will be called before the MPs again. Let's see what his lies are like this time.

Doris Day put out a new album. Oy.

Something is brewing in Californicate; another young man was shot there, the underground system shut off mobile phone access, protests and hacking ensued and they're just starting to get pissed:

It snowed in New Zealand. And The Hobbit continues shooting.

Black Sabbath is cutting a new album.

And that about brings us up to speed. See? Like a soap opera.

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