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Sunday, August 14, 2011

No Sleep in Here Tonight

Well I tried. I can't read any more and I can't just lay there so here I am.

Since I'm looking for the good happening in all the bad, I wanna cite our Town Manager Barb. The last 4 months in this town have been way worse than any TM has seen in a long time and she's handled it all better than anyone should be expected to handle it. The huge fire that took out a quarter of Main St; the usual town bickering every summer over something; then the murders, 2 in 2 weeks, and now a bank robbery. It's like crack has come to Bedford Falls. She and her staff have done a great job. (applause)

And our Fire and Police Departments are the best. The BPD has done a 180 from a few years ago. We have good people. A miracle itself it seems, these days.

 We are in a big change. Something makes me think it's a crossroads and then something else says, "Oh bullshit." and then something else says, "Of course... Duh?!" Yes, this is the brain off drugs. See all sides of everything and try to figure it out. But there's no figuring out because every day there's something else to go,  "Holy Shit!" over and who can keep up? And the plot thickens.

And if you stare too much in that looking glass you'll fall through.

Meh, I can rant and rave and stay involved and do what I can. Throw praise when I can, call out, "That's a lie!" when I know it is. Give encouragement to those who are doing the right thing and yell at those doing the wrong thing.

I'm enjoying bleak humor a lot these days (joking about being put in internment camps?), which probably isn't good. I need a couple of Bergman movies to laugh and get it out of my system.

And here's a little St. Billy to feel all right by:


The Writer said...

It seems like, yes, the BPD has done a complete turn-around. Far be it for me to extend kudos to a PD, because that's not exactly my way, but I have to put in a good word for the Chief. I know him because his wife used to cut my hair and he would come in often to say hello to her. From the way the two interacted, and from meeting their kids at the salon, I saw what kind of person he was/is, and I am confident in his ability to lead. When you see a family that enjoys each others' company and is relaxed and good-natured around each other, it tells you a lot about the individuals in it.

Austan said...

He's a good, regular guy. And there has been relative peace since he's been Chief. For that may we be truly grateful.