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Monday, August 22, 2011

We Had It Good

Dammit I hate getting nostalgic but I'm rewatching The Song Remains The Same and I can't help it. When you think about it, my generation had the most fun. I think so anyways. We had legendary bands of rock and you could actually afford a ticket. You could get a job that paid decently- if you really made an effort, you could leave the old and get a new job all within 2 weeks. The regular street drugs that everyone did were psychedelics and downers. Coke and junk were rare. And we had a boatload, I tell you, a BoatLoad, of sex. Everyone slept with everyone. Of course some of that didn't work out well in the end.

But we had such freedom. And such amazing music. Damn that was good. We were fools and young. Who knew we'd been so privileged?


Rory Grant said...

LOL. Just Lol. :)


PS - I was NEVER, EVER Unemployed for more than 48 hours between 1976 and 1993 and yet I must have had a dozen jobs in that time. Now it's a lottery.

Austan said...

Rory- It's true!

Right? You could get a job without breaking a sweat any day. That pretty much held true for me until 1995. People in the workforce now wedre in diapers then. :)