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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Slow and Steady

Taking a break from unpacking the bedroom. Yes, I'm 4 months here and still not unpacked. Even though this place is a third larger than my last, it's still a Chinese puzzle. In order to even get into the closet, a whole laundry list of things have to be done first; sorting and unpacking boxes and bags of linens, and clothing I won't wear til it's cooler. I'm pretty proud of what I accomplished in 2 hours. And unpacking is more fun than packing. I found a pirate shirt I'd made for Halloween many moons ago, and a quilt I'd started about 25 years ago (I should finish that) but I still haven't found my thumb ring. It's somewhere, I remember noticing it gone after packing the closet in the old place. That's one of those things I lose for a while here and there but eventually turns up. Anybody else have things like that?

They say Mercury Retro is a good time to finish things, mostly because new things will get delayed and snafu-ed anyway, as I'm witnessing with Amazon. With the slightly cooler weather the nesting instinct is coming back too so it's all good. The heebie-jeebies about this place is over; I try to completely ignore my neighbor now. Life's too short to be considerate to those who don't reciprocate. And I'm looking forward to everything being where it's going to live permanently. And finding my favorite nightgown.

Okay, back to work.

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