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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No, Of Course

what really matters is the blame.
I'm an absolute newshound today. Zipping from newspaper to newspaper, from links all over the world, listening to BBC 4 "You and Yours". A man who phoned in is saying that kids may have started it but adults were inside clearing the shelves and a woman now saying it's the parents' fault and the general entitlement issues of the young generation.

So it seems that all that matters is the blame, which boils down to "The Welfare State" that "creates criminals" according to a very important white man.

David Cameron is back in London, is recalling Parliament for session Thursday. He looks pissed that his vacay was cut short. Funny how all the mucketys were on holiday at the same time.

Mark Duggan died of a gun shot in the chest.
Though the article says it was part of a "pre-planned operation", there's nothing about what the pre-planned operation was.

Londoners Tweeted a clean up storm and much of the mess is already picked up. Good for them.

And again and again, witnesses and shopkeepers say the police did nothing:

In Camden a group of people are assembled to give Free Hugs to anyone who needs one.

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Rory Grant said...

I suspect the pre planned operation was on the grounds that they had intelligence Duggan had a gun (Which is illegal in Britain). Armed officers should not have been on the scene at all unless they suspected an armed response was what they would encounter - so in a sense the fact they had guns speaks to what they were aware of.

From there however - it all seems to fall apart and into confusion.