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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Man oh man, this week has flown by. I'm thrilled to have done a bit of help on a website I love, Ladies of the Lake (fans of Greg, natch) and its webmistress posted a big Thank You to me. Which really made my week and was completely unexpected.

It's been busy, many family things going on. Strider is still stripping and painting her house and getting rid of a big pest. My niece and nephew are taking in a Buffett concert this evening, celebrating their -20th, I think- anniversary. My great-niece did something careless and will be paying her parents back for quite a while. My brother and SIL are fine. Everybody's busy. All is well, or on its way to being well.

Little by little, this flu is easing off. And I learned that once I start bitching, I'm getting better.

I've really been avoiding the US news. These Repos are beneath contempt. How can anyone who has an IQ over a hundred get behind these hate-filled misanthropes? Just goes to show what a high level of psychopathy there is in the US. And lack of real thinking. I try not to despair for this country.

ELP's High Voltage DVD was released Tuesday but Amazon still hasn't shipped it! Come on! I'm jonesin' here!!

Forgive my lapses in blogging. It'll all be back to normal soon. Whatever normal is. ;)

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Lisa said...

Yes, it was the big 2-0. Who da thunk it!?