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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh So Annoying!

This is ridiculous. It's become a week or more of being all disgustingly sick and besides feeling crappy I'm getting downright bitchy. Now it's causing me to miss things- tonight there's a meeting about the shaping of our brand new healthcare scheme in this state. I really wanted to make noise. But I'm just too sick, in itself kinda ironic.

What the hell bug is this, that starts as a nose cold, wipes out your digestive processing and then transmogrifies into head cold and body aches and fevers and dragging your ass like you're 102? Right now I'm about ready for what my Father called "The Grand Old Cure-all", you drink whiskey til you pass out, sleep for a whole day and wake up okay. It takes 2 days out of your life and I haven't done it in more than a decade, but I'm getting desperate. And I have no whiskey. Dammit.

Well, maybe it's a good sign that I'm bitching. I'm going back to bed.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Sounds like you hava some form of a flu. Best to call a doctor or maybe just talk to a pharmacist. I hate going to a doctor myself but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. Many times they don't want to see you (because of germs) and will just call in some medicine for you.

Rory Grant said...

Hope you're better by the time you read this Laura. It sounds to me like growing pains - which is why I never became a Doctor lol :)


Austan said...

Starting- By the time I got into an appointment, it's bound to be done. I hate going to a doc, too. They won't prescribe without seeing you, here! Boy do I miss the old docs! No 9-5 M-F for them. They'd even come to your house!

Rory- I'm better, thanks. I just can't see you as a doctor. Much too compassionate!