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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

67 Days to Greg

All systems are go. The Sharpie fine points came today, ready for Greg's siggy. I'm still thinking about where to have it, and I'll start looking for a tattooist next month. The guy who used to tat in town is gone, but I heard of a woman over in NH who's as good. I'm gonna clear it with Eileen before I go. If he has an aversion to such things I don't want to put him on the spot.

I think I'm on a diet high. 6 weeks and a day in and I'm diggin it. Haven't weighed in since the end of January but I'm wearing clothes I couldn't wear at Christmas and I'm seeing bones I haven't seen in a while. We'll see what shape I am in April- it may be the upper thigh after all!

The Harris Hill Ski Jump right here in town is this coming weekend. It's been so warm and we've had so little snow that the resorts are helping make snow and getting the run ready. The weatherfolk are calling for rain. If my Achy Breaky Hip is any barometer, I'd say we're getting rain for sure. A rain hip is different from a snow hip. The snow hip hurts but it doesn't throbby hurt. Throbby means rain. I hope the temp drops and it snows. Rain won't stop the jumping, but it'll put a damper on the whole thing and less people will show up for it. Who wants to stand in the rain to watch ski jumps?

Another thing that's going on is that our power company is installing "smartmeters", these meters they can read remotely without using a human being going around. But it's going to cost us more one way or another. If you don't want the radiowaves running around you'll have to pay an additional fee. If you take the radiowaves you'll have to pay for its installation. This is causing kerfluffle. An additional 10 bucks a month may not seem a lot, but these days, it really is. Everything- food, oil, gas, is damned expensive. Everything but the crappiest quality foods are so pricey. When American cheese is almost 7 bucks a pound, things are bad.

So yeah, no end to the issues we're facing. On it goes... 


Anonymous said...

Okay, first things first....congrats on the diet success..never easy.
Smart meters...we have them and we are saving money by trying to keep most of our power usage in off peak times... And....upper thigh for sure. He is one lucky guy.

Austan said...

Thanks, Lawless. It isn't easy, but it's very worth it. I already feel so much better.
Oh boy, if they start the "peak times" deal there's gonna be a big uproar. Oy.
Well, we'll see. Depends on how good my legs look! He may be lucky to not have to see them! :D

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

My electric has gone down the past year since they have gone to new providers, but I am sure that won't last. They like to lure you in and then Pow!!

Congrats on the diet. Isn't it nice to see some long lost bones again. I am down two sizes and feel so much better.

klahanie said...

Hey Laura,
Well done on your ongoing diet. I think I should a lose a few more pounds, so I can start wearing my flared jeans, again :)
The have those smart meters over here in Britain. A great way to charge even more to those who can least afford it. At least we pay way less for cheese :)
The way things are going, they might ski jump into a pool of water. Water ski jump?
Take care Laura and that new letter identification thingy, to prove I aint a robot, is a nightmare!

Austan said...

Arleen- It seems to me that they pull the old bait and switch a lot, and get away with it.
I've lost at least one size, on my way to two. It feels great!

Austan said...

Gary- I wish I still had some of my 70s clothing! All this reliance on machines makes me want to puke. People need jobs.
And then we have to prove we're NOT robots? It's all insanity. I blame baggy jeans. That's when everything went to hell. They ushered in Reagan and Thatcher and life's been ass ever since.