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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hooray for Things!

Finally able to post, though I've no idea how this will look because the font size won't change and it looks enormous. I don't care- I can post! All it took was dropping the new editor and going back to the old editor, as I saw other bloggers suggest.

Today is a day of many things. It's Gary's 5th Blogaversary Party over at Lawless' house:

It's Mardi Gras everywhere, so eat up all the meat and get those pancakes on the griddle

It's Day 50 of the Operation Greg Diet, which means I can eat off-plan. So I have. Bread! Though it's laying in my stomach like a lead zeppelin, it was nice to have a sandwich. The effects are such that I won't have an issue with being back on-plan tomorrow. In fact, I may go back on plan right now. It's recommended to break a diet every 7 weeks for a full day, to reset your system so you don't get stuck on a plateau. Eat how you did before the diet, eat things you haven't eaten since starting the diet, etc. Though I broke the diet for Special K's birthday, and indulged in a little dark chocolate a few days ago, I've been on-plan for a long time now. Once you've cleared your house of the inedibles and just don't have them around, it's pretty simple to get used to eating differently. Then when you start feeling and looking better, you don't want to go backwards. So though it was nice to have a sandwich and I'm sure it's changing up my system (judging by my unhappy tummy), I'll be glad to get back to normal. The new normal, that is.

And as for the Beest's neurotic scratching, the vet said she'll give her a shot if necessary, but she wants me to groom her a lot first and give her cod liver oil. It's true, Hildebeest has been shedding like crazy. Every time I comb her, handfuls of fuzz come off. It seems winter coats weren't necessary this year and so there's a whole lotta shedding going on. I could spend the entire day grooming her and still get more fur. She's been beside me on her shelf all day today, I must've combed her a dozen times. Every time she's looked like she was gonna start in, I've gone over her. So far, so good. Though she looks a bit lost and puzzled.

Well, I'm heading back to the party. Come join us and wish Gary a Happy!


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Blogger is behaving for you now. Remember, it's a virtual party so anything you eat here is not going to affect either your tummy or your waist. Come on back, the big bands are setting up. Guess it's their turn to take a swing at it. (oh that was bad).

Austan said...

The canapes are wonderful. I'm staying away from Gordon, but Jamie's a delight! I think I missed dinner when I slipped away with Greg and a bottle of champers. Greg? Oh, he's indisposed at the moment...But here comes one of those hunks with a trayful of yummies... what a great party! Where's Gary? I haven't seen him yet.

CarrieBoo said...

Day 50? When did this happen. Crikey. I've been taking cod liver oil for a bit, must be why I stopped shedding and scratching. Way to go on your 'new normal' and glad to hear Hilde is doing a bit better. My cat swallowed a clump of hair in front of me the other day... cats sure have some strange habits.

Austan said...

7 weeks run right by these days! Hey, cod liver oil is very good for you- when did you start getting all healthy-conscious?! ;) Cats are alien beings, sent here to confound and distract us. She has moved to the table in the front window, where she's sprawled and sleeping, post-dinner. What a life...