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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Daryl's Birthday and Jambalaya

What do Daryl Pillsbury's B'day and Jambalaya have in common? It's Heat Fund Recipe Day! Yay!

So last night I made a double batch of a simple jambalaya (no seafood- everyone's allergic these days) and let it sit and marry all the luscious flavors in the fridge overnight. This morning, bright and early Daryl came by and we sat and schmoozed for a while and he took it in to the radio station. He and Steve West, talk show host of our Live & Local show, are on the air drumming up donations for the Windham County Heat Fund.

I've stumped for this charity on this blog several times but this year there's a bigger need than ever. Despite the mild winter it's been, we still need heat. The temps have been dipping into the teens at night lately and the funding for LIHEAP and the state has been cut. This can be a deadly combo. So far this year I haven't heard of anyone freezing to death in their home, thank Gods, but it happened last year in a neighboring town. This is why we work to get donations, to help those in an emergency who have no heat and nowhere to turn for help.

Daryl handles the paperwork while I do the recipe and cooking. He is now sending the entire collection of recipes- about 15 he just said- for a single donation of any size. Even 5 bucks helps, and will get you all the recipes I've created over the last year and change.

You can help the heatless by sending a tax-deductible check to:

The Windham County Heat Fund
679 Weatherhead Hollow Road
Guilford, VT 05301

If you want the recipes, include a note saying so. Daryl will get them in the mail to you within a week. And wish Daryl a Happy Birthday. He's one of the good guys.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday did the blender pies go over?

Austan said...

They're March's recipes! I'll let you know. :)