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Friday, February 10, 2012


Don't know about you, but following the NDAA being signed in by Obama, I was damn upset and still am. Now I see this
and think, "It's over. We didn't get a chance"

Bye-bye Constitution. It was nice while it lasted. Soon enough my generation will be gone and nobody will remember what relative freedom was. Hello, Age of Big Brother.


Anonymous said... every time I see a hummingbird I'm going to wonder if I am living in A Brave New World.

Austan said...

But wait, there's more. My friend Grotke found this:

Anonymous said...

They sound like a hive of angry bees. Can you imagine them equipped with receivers and video one is safe...I'm going to be looking out my windows a lot more...heck, I think I'll just close my curtains.

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

I agree that personal freedoms and guarantees are being eroded, but I think the hummingbird UAV is cool.
How long do you think one of them would last say, in Tenessee? They'd give it a new name. They'd call it a moving target, what fun.

Geo. said...

I like the hummingbird drone. There'll be a problem with cats and BB-guns. Modeling them after Lladro angels or flying monkeys might be more successful --and fun.

Austan said...

Lawless- glad I got those blackout drapes for the bedroom!

TSB- I'm getting a shotgun.

Geo.- But a flying monkey would be normal... who sees hummingbirds in The Bronx?

Rory Grant said...

One day I might blog about an old event Laura. During my time as a cop in the 80's - in one particularly dangerous case. We found it necessary to call in 'the specialists' (Who deal with all manner of secretive things, I won't type their name here as I don't wanna be hounded by the 'Internet Cops' lol) from London. They issued some of the team with neckties behind which was a tiny microphone which pressed against the larynx. You didn't have to speak - the merest whisper would be radioed clearly as it 'decoded' what the larynx was articulating. I watched as the 'specialists' inserted a 'pin' (a needle like you would use to sew with) into a carpet in a room we would be meeting with some suspects. That one pin could pick up every piece of speech in five differing rooms - when the case came to trial and the audio was played - you could even hear things like the bath taps running at the other end of the house. They even planted one in the garden to detect any exterior conversations. Big brother has been around for some time. I read somewhere recently that a tiny camera/mic which beams live images and audio can now be mounted on cockroaches. Sure, you can't control which direction they will go but release enough of them in a foreign embassy and you'll score some kind of success.

RAF Fylingdales in Yorkshire England is really an Anglo/American Facility. It's motto is 'Vigilamus' - (We are watching). There's nothing it can't see, hear or intercept. Of course it has a principal purpose - to detect incoming missiles - but it's so, so much more than that.

We're stuffed and I reckon we have been for some time.