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Friday, February 24, 2012

Not Quite

After a bit of Barnum pledges about a snowstorm, we had a short snow this morning. It was done in a half hour, and the sky hung over and brooded the rest of the day. Now it's raining. Not even a heavy rain. More the splattery Spring rains we walked to school in.

Many of the activities planned for our town's Winter Carnival are shot to hell. No sledding days, no dogsled show, no sugar on snow, no ice fishing. No snow. The Harris Jump went off, thanks to snowmakers. My front yard is trying to green up. It's a good thing we had a wet summer and fall, I suppose, since making snow takes a lot of water and they'd be SOL if we were in drought conditions.

Ah, the rain's put a little more effort in. I used to love the rain. Not so much anymore. This would've been a decent snow. It's looking like the Winter that never was.


Anonymous said...

Other than a good, cleansing summer storm I find that rainy days make me ache. Bring on the sun.

Austan said...

Even the summer rain is painy. I try to ignore it all. But I'm surprised to find I miss Winter! It's just abnormal and I'm missing that bundled and trundled part of the year.

Geo. said...

"It's looking like the Winter that never was."

My state, California, was discovered in the 1500's by João Rodrigues Cabrilho, a fellow Portaghee, and I like to think that was his first impression.

Austan said...

I'll let you know when we plant the vineyards, Geo!

sdt said...

Thing is, the longer this goes on, the worse the sense of impending doom becomes. This is New England. We're gonna pay for this, I tell you.

Austan said...

We will. I don't know how or when, but we'll pay for it.