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Monday, February 27, 2012

Hildie and the Angry Itch

Hildebeest still itches. I have changed almost everything in the house and her life. Even the floorwash. Now it's time for direct action.

Since getting a pill down her throat is a life-risking manouevre and she won't eat if it's in her food, there are two options. A steroid shot that may turn into a series, or going topical. The shot is, in my opinion, a last resort. I really hate steroids. So now it's the question of how to soak her in good ol' plain Listerine. Yes, Listerine.

Without sounding like an advertisement, Listerine has a bajillion uses, one of them being ending dandruff and itch. I learned that back when I worked on a farm. It's non-toxic, and its nasty taste is a deterrent to the biting and chewing, just in case that's a neuroses she's developed (they do, the vet said, it becomes a habit).

How to get it on her, especially in the spots she chews (the back of her hind legs, her tail) and scratches obsessively (her ears) is the problem. This cat has a good memory and doesn't give many chances for repeat performances. I don't want to trap her under a milkcrate and pour it on (which is what the farmer did and the vet okayed) though that seems the safest way to avoid those fingerknives and get her covered in it. Somehow that just seems cruel to me. I could soak a towel and wrap her in it but she's a squirrely thing and there's no telling how much would get on her while I'm getting my arms shredded. Maybe I could put it in a squirt bottle and zap her, but that's her nemesis and only used when she's doing something wrong. Though I suppose chewing herself comes under the heading of wrongdoing.

Suggestions are welcome. How would you soak a cat down with Listerine?


Geo. said...

Re: Suggestions are welcome.

I have the same problem with my wife. She doesn't like vaccinations and our doctor can't run fast enough to catch her. No one wants to resort to a hypodermic dart gun but sometimes it's unavoidable.

Anonymous said...

Soak a cloth and rub her down? Put her in a wire cat cage and squirt her? I don't know sounds like an impossible task. I'm surprised the vet hasn't suggested one of those plastic collars like they use for dogs to keep them from licking and biting an injury unti lit heals.

Austan said...

Geo- I have a mental movie of you chasing your wife through the woods with a tranquilizer gun now. :D

Lawless- Finally talked to the vet, and she simply hadn't thought of that. She also said they make OTC cortisone spray for cats. So thank you! Amazon to the rescue...

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Oh my, Laura, that is quite a problem you have there. Poor George though, seems to have a bigger one though. That was really funny.