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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh What a Relief It Is

Hallelujah for a tummy that bounces back as soon as you give it veggies! Who knew that a basic bodily function - such as Susan pointed out in a comment about sleeping- could be so different as you age, and make life entirely awful if put out of kilter? Right now I don't care much that the world is going to Helena Handbasket (which it is). I'm not bloated out to here and have lost at least another 5 pounds today. :) Once we hit the speed limit ages, you have to do the sustainable. Or your body will make you as miserable as the little kid who won't go to sleep.

Thank you to everybody who pitched in with support and advice. I am a very stubborn git but that was an obvious body-in-revolt moment and I made it through relatively unscathed because of your cooler heads and reasoned thinking. For the one month it was okay, but at this age, it's intolerable to continue.

Besides, after a month of no sugar, veggies are incredibly sweet. Carrots? Like candy. This will probably wear off- we too soon grow accustomed to everything- now it's as if my tastebuds are reset. 

It's great to have a brave face, but if your butt's not happy, ain't nobody happy. I'm relieved that's over. And good things have come of it- I don't have starch and bread cravings anymore. I've grown to really like good coffee straight up. Having cleared the cabinets and fridge, my choices are clear too. And my head's a bit clearer, too. 

So it's on to sensible. The very last thing anyone who's ever known me would expect. But I'm perverse that way. Sleep well.


Anonymous said...

Hurray...happy sounds coming from over there.. Hope you sleep well (and all that other stuff too).

Geo. said...

Re:"I am a very stubborn git"

Even a poor speller like me knows there's no "t" in girl. And straight-up good coffee is the reason I'm healthier than anybody twice my age. Brava!

Austan said...

Lawless- Slept like a baby (in parts), hope you did too (altogether).

Geo.- Hahahahahah!!! :D

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Sensible Is usually the best plan. Good luck Laura. Here's to getting fit and staying regular.

Austan said...

Arleen- Fit and regular sounds good to me! :D