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Friday, February 10, 2012

Gotta Get a Chicken

It's sure looking like we'll get some Winter this weekend. Every weather source I've checked says snow starting late tonight and on to tamari. Two sources say snow on Sunday. And lows for the next nights in the single digits.

It's a snow sky out there right now, a light gray hunkering-down sky. The white light of the sun is so mild you can look right at it and see branches in front of it. My Gal Friday said the supermarket was packed. That in itself isn't a sure sign, but it means people think we'll get it.

Every time snow was coming we couldn't put out the chicken fast enough. An unspoken primal urge came out in people: "It's gonna snow, gotta get a chicken." It was all hands on deck, drop what you're doing and get the chicken cases filled. 400 pounds at a time, til we'd run out. Then we'd go back to whatever we were doing- cooking in my case- and the disappointed customers would shuffle over to ask us for more. Like we were holding out on them? "Oh, we have lots of chicken, but we're not selling it to you."

There are times I don't miss the food business. Before a snow is one of them. I think I'll call the boys and ask them if they have chickens.


Anonymous said...

Just for old times sake?

Austan said...

I like to annoy them. I call at Thanksgiving and ask for an 8 pound turkey, roo.