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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Morning Musiclog

Well, whatever snow we have gotten overnight has left a partial residue like a cheap frosted flake. There's too much blue to the sky to expect more right now. If we get anything worth noting it won't be til later. I heard they're already sugaring, and that's not right.

Anyway, I've been listening to music this morning. It all started with a dream where someone was singing, "I've Heard that Song Before" which I needed to get rid of, and went to YT to erase. Came across "Begin the Beguine", my grandfather's favorite;

Which for inexplicable reasons took me to Petula Clark:

From there to Herman's Hermits

To Marianne Faithfull

Folowing logically to The Hollies

and ending with my second cuppa to The Troggs

What was that original head tune again? :D
Happy Saturday.


Anonymous said...

The Last Waltz....

Sometimes I get String of Pearls stuck in my head and I go around whistling it allllllll day. Oh great, there it goes. Time to get busy.

Austan said...

Ack! No! No! Cancel cancel cancel!