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Sunday, February 12, 2012

But the Wind Goes Right Through Ya!

Holy cow is it cold out there. I thought I was out there for a couple of hours but it wasn't even a full hour and despite being in full sun, it's coooooold! I've been back inside more than an hour and I'm still chilled like fresh produce. That wind is more than bracing; it's pushy!

I put on full battle face before going outside. The new makeups are a charm. With eyes watering from the wind and blowing dust, no mascara smudge. No streaking from the tears running down my cheeks, a miracle in itself. I found some quality products at great prices. Small victory, but a good test run for Greg night too.

Onto the day's projects. I was going to pickle smelts (herring is much too difficult to deal with these days- even getting them is near impossible) but they're not ready to salt yet. Think I'll make a pot of chicken vegetable soup. There are good scary movies on, the Beest is crashed out, and it's a lovely quiet day in The Shire. The kind of day to do next to nothing and not think too much.

I am thinking of Rory, who's having his long-awaited surgery today. Let's hope this fixes what's wrong and we'll have our old rabblerouser back in form soon.

Yes, it's good to let the world spin on its own, make yourself happy and revel in peace and gratitude for all one has, and has had.


Anonymous said...

Is the Beest eating again?

Austan said...

Yes, but not with benadryl. She flat out starved instead. So I wrapped her in a towel, opened her jaw and shoved it down her throat. It was an ugly struggle but I'm pretty sure the only way to get it in her. She's a stubborn one!

klahanie said...

And as the world turns, I thought I should come and visit. Please make sure you stay well wrapped up :)
Enjoy doing next to nothing. I was going to leave some fish puns, but darn it, I'm starting to flounder...
I don't know who Rory is, but if you interact with him, he must be one heck of a good dude. Here's wishing him a speedy recovery.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Laura.
In kindness, Gary :)

Austan said...

Gary, thank you. Yes, I'm wrapping. It's suddenly winter and it's quite strange to have such thin blood this late in the season.
Puns? I'm not that sort of gill. :)
Rory is The Scottish Scribbler and a good friend. His blog is on my list.
I hope you had a peaceful and contented weekend.
with fond wishes, Laura