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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Daily Theme Songs, Evil Head Tunes, Etc., Etc.

Repeating synchronicities weird me out. Like hearing a song three times in one day after not hearing it since an ex stole the cassette in 2000, leaving me a PIL tape. I guess to him it was a trade, but not to me. Anyway, here's the song I heard 3 times today in different places, by the Psychedelic Furs:

This happened a couple of days ago with this song by The Ramones:

But that's better than an evil head tune. I had this stuck in my mental 8-track mercilessly yesterday:
That should be registered as a weapon. Even the classic wiper of head tunes, Piano Man, didn't work. From now on, it's the song I will call, "The Song That Must Not Be Named". Because that's how it started. Trying to remember it. I once knew an old man who'd sing it all the time. He's dead now. The song goes on. And on and friggin on.

And then for over a week now, Oliver Reed keeps popping up. Not literally, he's still buried in Ireland, far as I know. But here and there, it's Oliver Reed. A friend sent me this today, not knowing about the Ollie thing:
Why Oliver Reed? Who knows? Is there a why?

What does it all mean? Not a damned thing. It portends nothing, has no hidden meaning, is naught but synchronicity. Which weirds me out a bit.


Anonymous said...

I love the Last's a hummer.

Austan said...

Oh no! It got you too! :D

CarrieBoo said...

It is weird how that happens. The worst song I ever got stuck in my head was after watching Mary Poppins, or some movie like that, about "walking on the bottom of the brine-y sea". It's a horrible tune. Oh God, I must go wash my brain out.

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Luckily, I am immune to anything Humperdinck sang. The gag reflex keeps me safe.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I am notorious for letting the last song I heard stick in my head until it gets dislodged by another. Worst case? I was pulling my duty at cleaning the church one Saturday, and guess what I was singing? The Grateful Dead. Luckily, the guy who heard me had a good sense of humor; he didn't think it was at all strange that I was singing about riding on a train high on cocaine ...