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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

75 Days... Greg. Plans continue, choices dance in my head, stomach flutters. And all so tiny in the grand scheme of things.

The circus of politics goes on in this country. I wish I could ignore it but it's ubiquitous. Never in my nightmares would I have thought Newt the Corrupt would be back in the headlines after the scum he proved himself to be in the 90s. And why oh why does anyone report what Trump or Palin says? Who cares?

Around the world, reality bites:
In Syria

In the Phillipines

In Iran

In Romania

In Egypt

In Zimbabwe

This is why I've been avoiding the news lately. And these are among the least horrifying stories, in the big picture. As my Mother would say, "It's very discouraging,"


Anonymous said...

Focus on Greg. It's these small treats that keep us sane.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Really! How could ANYONE vote for Newt??? But you have to admit, it was hilarious hearing him whine about how everyone should avoid being nasty. Excuse me? Wasn't he the one who advised other republicans on how to BE nasty?

CarrieBoo said...

Might just let my sausage and egg butty go down a bit more before I read any world news.

Mid-seventies! Get down!

Pearl said...

It IS discouraging.

The state of our politics is a disgrace: a nation headed up by people without manners...


Rory Grant said...

The only voice we have left is on the internet - and they have already devised the kill switch for that.

I worry about where America is going in particular. It's not pretty watching it from the outside, must be tougher to be on the inside.

I saw pictures just a few weeks ago of an entire family living in a hole they had dug in the sand in California. Regardless of my political persuasion - to see anyone living like that - an urgent and immediate order that 'It all has to change and it all has to change now!' would be issued.

Looking around - I don't see many changes.